The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic was opened on the 23rd October 2008 with a becoming banquet and the appearance of a number of people from Croatian social life, such as Snjezana Mehun, Neven Ciganovic, Ronald Braus, Sonja Kovac and Marko Grubnic.

After 21 years of private practice at the oldest medical practice of that kind in the region, Dr Toncic has decided to offer his patients an even more well-rounded medical service and invest into the building and equipping of a modern clinic for aesthetic surgery. The clinic is located on two floors of a new, modern and functional object in the heart of one of the Zagreb’s residential areas, Sestine, in Mlinovi Street. In their work they use the most advance medical equipment and have two state-of-the-art operation rooms for surgeries at their disposal.
"I am extremely satisfied that we can offer our patients everything in one place, in a highly equipped clinic: from the first visit in the clinic and the introductory conversation and consultation, to the operation and the post operative recovery”, said Dr Rajko Toncic at the opening.
Expertise and top quality medical service is the foundation of this clinic, entirely adjusted to the needs of patients. An individual approach to patients, their satisfaction and wellbeing is always a priority in the clinic.  A medical team consisting of top experts is always at the disposal of patients for consultation, advice and additional information.
There is a spread of surgical techniques that are being practiced at the clinic and which Dr Toncic has perfected over the years in his medical practice. It offers: nose corrections, ear corrections, lower and/ or upper eye lid correction, facelift, mini facelift, forehead lift, Botox, chemical peel, mechanical dermoabrasion, chin liposuction, breast augmentation, breast uplift, breast reduction, male breast reduction, stomach liposuction, leg liposuction etc.

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The grand opening