Zagreb & Croatia Travel destination

The clinic is in the heart of Zagreb, a city with the population of one million. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, lying on the foothills of Medvednica Mountain on the north, with river Sava on the south. Its cultural and economical development offers various tourist attractions in the city and its surroundings, easily reached thanks to the developed transport system.
There is a range of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, specialised shops, and the prices are around 20% lower than in other European cities. In Zagreb, one can enjoy the cinemas, theatres, museums and galleries.
There are ski slopes on Sljeme, the peak of Mt Medvednica, which is only 20 minutes away by car from the city centre. Zagreb is the host of the Ski World Cup Race known as the Snow Queen Trophy that takes place on Sljeme. Medvednica is also very popular for walking and hiking. Zagreb has a continental climate and it is only 170 km away from the renowned Adriatic coast, which is only a pleasant and picturesque drive away.
Croatia is considered one of Europe's best kept secrets. It is both continental and Mediterranean country. Also, it is known as a Land of Thousand islands. The climate is, therefore, continental on the north-east Croatia; while it is Mediterranean on the Croatian coast.
The population of 4.4 million gives everyone enough space to live comfortably in the historically dynamic and lush surroundings – whether it is the romantic coast, with Roman legacy and Mediterranean architecture, or continental towns that abound in powerful and impressive buildings typical of middle European architecture. You can also enjoy the rural areas, either wide open or covered with woods, with national parks and untouched, clean nature.
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Zagreb & Croatia Travel destination