In our clinic, our patient’s health and well being come first.

Our medical team follows the golden rule: ‘primum non nocere’, which in Latin means: ‘First, do no harm’!
Therefore, in our clinic, we have excellent results and great success and hardly ever any complications.
In order to avoid even the smallest risk related to the health of our patients, we use modern medical equipment for intraoperative and postoperative monitoring of our patient’s vital functions. As a part of our preoperative preparation, we make sure our patients have been properly and thoroughly examined, in order to find out if there is higher health risk connected with the surgical procedure this patient is about to undergo.
In our clinic, medical doctors - anesthesiologists administer anesthesia, and monitor the patients during the operative and postoperative period.




Less extensive procedures are performed under enhanced local anesthesia. This type of anesthesia comprises a strong sedative administered intravenously, and a local anesthetic injected at the operation area. Some of the advantages of this type of anesthesia are patient’s spontaneous breathing, much quicker recovery from anesthesia and significantly smaller risk of possible complications. From surgical point of view, this type of anesthesia has also numerous advantages.
Under enhanced local anesthesia, the patient is in light sleep and the procedure is painless.
Our patients are very pleased with this type of anesthesia, especially because it enables quicker recovery. After the surgery performed under enhanced local anesthesia, our patients are sent to home care the very same day.If the procedure is extensive, or if we perform more surgeries at once, we use general anesthesia. In our clinic, medical doctors - anesthesiologists administer general anesthesia, and monitor the patients during the operative and postoperative period. In order to minimize health risks for our patients, we have been using the same type of the balanced general anesthesia, which is almost never accompanied by allergic reactions or some other unwanted side effects. This type of general anesthesia has proved itself as excellent throughout 20 years of our experience. Under general anesthesia, the patient is in deep sleep and the procedure is painless. After the general anesthesia we administer in our clinic, the recovery is quite fast and without complications. The surgery performed under general anesthesia is followed by the early postoperative recovery monitored by our medical doctor – anesthesiologist.


A lifelong wish came true after a rhinoplasty in Dr.Toncic's Cosmetic u ordinaciji Dr. Rajka Tončića podvrgnula estetskoj korekciji nosa.
Why I chose Rr. Toncic to be my cosmetic surgeon. I had a small bump on my nose since childhood that never bothered me. But as time passed, I realised that this flaw disturbed me more and more
After rhinoplasty performed by dr Rajko Toncic - I am finally satisfied with my nose!
Caring professionalism is the term that describes best the attitude of Dr. Toncic with his patients.
I searched for the "Best surgeons in Europe" and the name of dr. Tončić came up!
My experience with dr Tončić has been absolutely incredible!
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