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Beauty touches something within us

– a deep longing for eternal perfection.


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Monday 8.30 - 16.00
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Friday 8.30 - 16.00


Having examined you, Dr. Toncic will explain the nature of the cosmetic surgery procedure, operative and postoperative course, and make drawings of the face or body parts to be corrected. He will listen to your wishes and explain the aesthetic effects that can be achieved by cosmetic surgery.

Preoperative treatment includes:

  • laboratory blood tests,
  • ECG,
  • examination by an internal specialist,
  • photographs of the part to be operated

All this completed, cosmetic surgery can be performed. We will encourage you, eliminate your fears and answer your questions.



It is realistic to expect to look younger and fresher after face rejuvenation, and to have harmonious and more attractive face and body proportions after their surgical shaping. After the surgery in Dr. Toncic’s clinic, you can expect a fine, natural looking appearance of your face and/or body. Your new body image will eliminate the complexes that had been holding you back, it will return your self-respect and self-confidence and re-establish your psychological balance.



You will arrive at the scheduled time. After being comfortably accommodated and, depending on the cosmetic surgery procedure, you will get local or general anesthesia, as well as medication which will make you relax.



Cosmetic surgery has started your transformation, nature will finish it. Final results of major cosmetic surgery procedures will be evident in a couple of months. The recovery period varies from a week to several months, depending on the surgery. However, after only a few days, you will feel well. Dr. Toncic and his team will monitor the course of your postoperative recovery period and advise you adequately.



The range of services offered by Dr. Toncic and his team is almost equal to that of the largest cosmetic surgery clinics of the kind in the world. Cosmetic operations of protuberant ears are performed by a method devised by Dr. Toncic, published in a professional journal, while a method enabling fast recovery is applied to rhinoplasty.

By breast reduction surgery in our clinic there is used the latest and the best surgical method with small cut which results with the minimal scar.

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