Ethnic rhinoplasty

One of the procedures that have been extremely successfully performed in our clinic, led by Dr Toncic, is ethnic rhinoplasty. The majority of our patients that require this surgery are of Afro-American and Asian origin. The anatomy of their noses is specific; the bony part of the nose is less projected and the tip of the nose is drooping and quite soft, with wide nostrils.Drooping or soft tip of the nose is irregularity that can pretty much impair the appearance of the nose. The columella-labial angle is acute in such situations. The tip is collapsed and soft and it lacks natural, cartilage support.
In order to fix and support the tip of the nose and achieve desired height, we need a support at the nasal base which raises and fixes the tip of the nose. For a long time, artificial materials had been used as the support (silicone, Medpor, etc.) but they were not acceptable due to many disadvantages.
One of few reliable methods which we can use today to raise the drooping tip of the nose is adding a part of the ear-cartilage to make the nasal tip support. It is a small, but for surgeon very demanding procedure, which we combine with other nose surgery techniques. In this procedure, we mold the ear cartilage and implant it at the nasal base, to make the support.
Behind the ear, there is a small, unnoticeable scar left. After the recovery period, there will be no visible traces of the performed surgery. The ear will retain the identical shape it had before the surgery, because we take cartilage form the area that is not relevant for the appearance of the ear.
Beside the drooping and soft tip of the nose, these patients often have less projected bony part of the nose – so called rhinolordosis, which appears as imperfection. In such cases, we make substitute for the missing bony part.
In most cases, we substitute the bony part with a small part of a bone we take from patient’s pelvis. We shape the bony part and implant it in the bony part of the nose, where it supplements the inborn lack of the bone. There is a tiny scar left on the place where we take the implant from.
This is a very demanding operation for a surgeon, but by the extent, it is considered to be a minor operation. This procedure solves the problem of less developed bony part of the nose (rhinolordosis) mostly for our patients of the Afro-American, Asian and very rarely Caucasian origin.
Ethnic rhinoplasty often comprises the narrowing of the wide nostrils, at patients with wider nasal base, and wide nostrils. The majority of the patients who have this surgery are of Afro-American origin. To solve this problem, we use simple method, often combined with other nose surgery techniques.
Generally, we combine all of the mentioned methods, which enable us to achieve a beautiful nose that fits the facial features.
Rhinoplasty of ‘ethnic nose’ is just one of the techniques we have been successfully applying in our clinic for years.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty