Raising the drooping I.E. collapsed tip of the nose

This is the method which enabled us to reach the highest level of modern nose surgery. We have improved this method of raising the drooping i.e. collapsed nose tip by implanting a piece of ear cartilage.
Quite many people complain about the drooping tip of the nose. This irregularity comprises the acute columella-labial angle, which can damage the aesthetic aspect of the nose. This irregularity can be natural or a consequence of improperly performed aesthetic or functional nose surgery.
In order to fix and support the tip of the nose and achieve desired height, we need a support at the nasal base which raises the tip of the nose. For a long time, artificial materials had been used as the support (silicone, Medpor, etc.) but they were not acceptable due to many disadvantages.
One of few reliable methods which we can use today to raise the drooping tip of the nose is adding a part of the ear-cartilage to make the nasal tip support. It is a small, but for surgeon very demanding procedure, which we combine with other rhinoplasty techniques. In this procedure, we shape the ear cartilage and implant it at the nasal base, to make the support.
Behind the ear, there is a small, unnoticeable scar left. After the recovery period, there will be no visible traces of the performed surgery. The ear will retain the identical shape it had before the surgery, because we take cartilage form the area that is not relevant for the appearance of the ear.
In the nasal area, there are either no scars at all or they are hidden on the inside of the nose.

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Raising the drooping I.E. collapsed tip of the nose