Reoperation of the nose and revision rhinoplasty

Aesthetic and functional nose surgeries are quite common nowadays. Accordingly, the number of surgeons has also risen. Therefore, it happens quite often that nose corrections are unsuccessful or partly successful, being performed by less experienced surgeons or by surgeons who aren’t specialized for this procedure and don’t perform it regularly.
Over the years, we have, therefore, taken the opportunity to specialize in revision rhinoplasty, i.e. re-operation of the nose.
Re-operations or revision rhinoplasty procedures are the terms used for correction of the noses that have already been operated. These procedures are much more demanding than the initial nose operation, and it is crucial for the surgeons to have extensive experience and an array of methods available, like our surgeons have.
We have had extensive experience with revision rhinoplasty, and we can precisely analyze the possibilities and realistic expectations in every individual case.

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Reoperation of the nose and revision rhinoplasty