Septoplasty - correction of nasal septum - functional nose correction


Operation of nasal septum is one of very important segments in nose surgery. There are two reasons that indicate the necessity for operation of septum:
First reason is heavy nose breathing caused by nasal septum deviation. It needs to be mentioned here that there is no perfectly straight septum. During the examination, we have to determine whether the septum is deformed up to the point that it significantly blocks nasal holes. If not, nose operation will not solve the main problem – heavy breathing. Therefore, we must look for the causes of heavy breathing elsewhere, for example look for allergies, nonallergic rhinitis, etc.


The second reason that calls for a septum operation is aesthetic nose surgery. If the nose is asymmetrical, meaning not in the central position but bends to one side, the most likely cause of this deformation is irregular and deformed nasal septum, which pulls the outer nose to one side.
In order to reposition the nose in the central position, beside the standard aesthetic nose operation, we usually need to place the nasal septum to the central position. These situations require combination of standard rhinoplasty and nasal septum correction.

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Septoplasty - correction of nasal septum - functional nose correction