Useful instructions for our patients - brachioplasty

  • The patient has to go through an examination with and internal specialist (ECG) and blood tests. If convenient, the blood tests and the examination with and internal specialist with the ECG can be arranged with the clinic the day before the operation.
  • Brachioplasty is performed under general anesthesia given by a top anesthesiologist. The patient is asleep during the operation and the whole procedure is painless.
  • The patient stays in the clinic. Once discharged from the surgery the patient is sent to home care in Zagreb.
  • REQUIRED STAY IN ZAGREB that we recommend is at least 10 days to two weeks, so we can remove the stitches and monitor the early postoperative period completely. We indeed insist that our patients stay in Zagreb for the required number of days after brachioplasty, as this is the period of crucial health importance to our patient and for the result of the operation. Having followed all the instructions, our patient can safely go home, without risking possible postoperative complications.
  • To make things easier for our patients from abroad, we have arranged that the pre- operative examination and surgery can be done in the same day (during the same visit in Zagreb). For patients that come outside Croatia it’s important to know that the initial consultation can be held via telephone or the Internet. During the initial consultation we asses if the patient is suitable for this kind of procedure or not. We have the final, pre- operative consultation when the patient arrives in Zagreb and during which we define all the details of this procedure and start the surgery with the patient’s consent.
  • We can arrange TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION for all our patients that come outside of Zagreb and Croatia!! We are here to assist you in every step of the way. Therefore, we can book your flight, and private or hotel accommodation in Zagreb. Our driver will welcome you at Zagreb airport and take you to your accommodation.
  • SICK LEAVE lasts 2 to 3 weeks for brachioplasty. 2 weeks following the surgery we remove the stitches from the incision, which is also an opportunity for the last check up. Two weeks after home care, the patients can resume their personal and professional activities. However, the patient should avoid hard physical activities and lifting heavy objects for a month after the operation.
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Useful instructions for our patients - brachioplasty