Useful instructions for our patients - Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • so that one can diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, sometimes it is necessary to do an x-ray of the neck spine, electromyoneurography and an examination with a neurologist and physiatrist
  • before the surgery patients have to, according to our instructions, do blood tests
  • since the surgery is done under local anesthetics so the patient does not have to be on an empty stomach, it is advisable that the patient isn’t hungry or thirsty before the surgery
  • if the patient uses medication for blood coagulation, he is obliged to mention it during the examination, because it is sometimes necessary to adjust their dosage
  • the operation usually lasts for 30- 45 minutes and the patient is discharged a couple hours after the surgery for home care in Zagreb
  • we advise our patients to stay in Zagreb for 3 to seven days, depending on the case
  • the stitches will be removed 2 weeks after the surgery
  • the patient can’t drive for 2 weeks
  • full hand strength is usually gained 12 weeks after the surgery and in that period it is advised to avoid heavy physical activity. Excessive hand workout in form of a workout ball or something similar to that can cause damage in that period
  • it is required to take approximately two weeks of sick leave after this procedure, depending on the type of job
  • We can arrange TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION for all our patients that come outside of Zagreb and Croatia!! We are here to assist you in every step of the way. Therefore, we can book your flight, and private or hotel accommodation in Zagreb. Our driver will welcome you at Zagreb airport and take you to your accommodation.
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Useful instructions for our patients - Carpal tunnel syndrome