Mechanical dermabrasion

Mechanical dermabrasion is a medical procedure that serves to remove furrows and acne scars by grinding and polishing the skin. Dermabrasion helps to remove small facial furrows (around lips), acne scars, tattoos and some types of pigmentation and some types of scars, after the cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist have recommended it.
Mechanical dermabrasion is the process of mechanical grinding and polishing the skin with a high-speed diamante grinder. The entire face can be treated at once or a specific area only, either on face or other body parts, depending on the medical condition being treated. On the 3rd day after the treatment the epidermis regeneration begins (regeneration of the outer skin layer). For then days after the procedure, the skin is swollen and red. It usually takes several weeks and sometimes up to several months for the skin to regain its normal appearance and colour.

This aesthetic surgery procedure is performed under enhanced local anaesthesia, and it is therefore painless.
Mechanical dermabrasion is mostly used in cases of acne scarring. To avoid the possible skin infection, it is important to make sure the acne is not inflammatory before the procedure. This means, if patient’s acne is inflammatory, we recommend dermatological treatment of the acne, which sometimes lasts three to six months, in order to prepare the patient for the procedure.

One of the big advantages of mechanical dermabrasion is that after the treatment, the acne is not very active. Therefore, the effect of the dermabrasion is rewarding – the acne scarring is removed and made the least visible and the appearance of new acne is minimized.

As the skin is quite sensitive after the dermabrasion, our patients are advised not to expose the treated areas to sun, for three months following the operation. To make sure the results won’t be compromised, we perform dermabrasion only in fall and winter time.

Mechanical dermabrasion is also used for removing the fine lines in the upper and lower lip area, which can appear at middle aged or older people.
We often combine dermabrasion with other procedures with the purpose of rejuvenation, for example with face lift, forehead lift, upper and lower eyelid correction, and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Mechanical dermabrasion