Wrinkle treatments using fillers

A lot of patients don’t need an invasive aesthetical procedure to achieve effective facial wrinkle correction. Those results can be achieved through non surgical methods.
Among non invasive facial procedures, especially popular for wrinkles, are injection treatments with dermal fillers.
Dermal or skin fillers can be divided in two basic groups. The first one consists of fillers with a temporary effect, and in the second are fillers with a permanent effect.


In everyday medical practice the most wanted and popular filler is certainly hyaluronic acid, which is preset on the market in a couple of commercial versions. We use Allergan products (Juvederm, Voluma) in our clinic with which we have fantastic results.

In general, currently in our profession a temporary filler trend is present, and on top of that trend is hyaluronic acid, which is a constituent part of the human organism.
Often we hear on medical congresses how hyaluronic acid is a filler with perfect characteristics.
Besides not provoking an immunologic reaction in the organism, it dissolves after a while (6- 12 months) in case it’s inadequately used, so there aren’t any permanent repercussions for the patient.


Dermal (skin) fillers are mostly used for highly noticeable nasolabial and mentolabial folds and lines, for lip augmentation – which has to be done with a feeling for size so the change won’t be too noticeable and flaring – and for adding volume and freshness (tonus) to the facial and cheek skin.


The procedure of applying the filler is done in the clinic and under the rules of the medical profession. It is advisable that the procedure is carried out by an aesthetical surgeon or a doctor trained in the application of fillers.
The procedure lasts ten to fifteen minutes, after which the patient can return to his or her everyday private or business obligations. The area where the filler was injected may be red and slightly swell up after the application.
The redness usually disappears after a few hours and the swelling may last up to a few days.
Because of its quick procedure, fast recovery period and minimal risk of complications, these procedures are today very popular among doctors, as well as patients.


Nevertheless, these are procedures that have certain limitations, because they can solve lines and folds on the face very efficiently as well as fill the volume of one’s lips and face, but can’t solve and excessive skin problem.
In cases of excessive and loose skin a surgical lift and skin removal, a face lift, definitely gives the best results and the other procedures give only partial solutions for the patient.
In those cases injection treatment with fillers can fantastically add to the results of a face lift and bring the procedure to its perfection, but can’t lead to improvement on its own.

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Wrinkle treatments using fillers