Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is considered to be relatively minor but very effective cosmetic surgery procedure. Although it is technically rather simple, this operation requires surgeon’s sense of proportion and shaping.

Breast augmentation - before and after the procedure

While performing breast augmentation surgery, Dr Toncic relies on years of experience, his sense of shaping and artistic nature. All of these characteristics are best shown when Dr Toncic needs to make a preoperative sketch and while choosing the size and shape of implants, together with the patient, whose wishes are highly respected by Dr Toncic and his surgical team. All of our patient’s wishes are absorbed and taken into special consideration, as we always do our best to meet our patient’s wishes and aesthetic surgery options.

By inserting the top quality breast implants, by reputable manufactures, we can easily achieve the desired breast enlargement. Dr Toncic and his team use silicone implants by Mentor, Polytech Silimed, Eurosilicone or Allergan, reputable and renowned breast implants producers. After the operation, our patient receives the certificate for her implants.
Silicone implants are soft and when touched or pressed against, breasts feel very natural. It is important to know that patients can easily breast feed their babies with implants. After the surgery, breasts are available for medical examinations because the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle or above the muscle, i.e. directly under the breast gland.

To undergo breast augmentation surgery, patients have to be at least 18 years old.

Indications for breast augmentation include: underdeveloped and small breasts, breast asymmetries, innate breast anomalies and reconstructive breast surgery.
Surgical incision is placed in the armpit, around the nipple or below the breast. Considering these locations, the scar is not visible after the operation.
The results of this type of surgery are noticeable immediately and the patients are instantly very satisfied with it.
The breast enlargement operation with silicone implants, which started in the early 60s, is considered to be one of the youngest cosmetic surgery procedures. Since then millions of women have had silicone implants and, as a result, reactions to implants have been well researched and documented, over the years. It is possible to have a reaction to an implant, like the forming of a thin membrane as a kind of a natural barrier to the implant. Implant rejections are very rare and they manifest themselves as an infection or capsule around the implant.

It is imperative to eliminate the belief that silicone implants can cause breast cancer. Nothing has ever been proven or published in any serious medical literature to support this statement. Silicone has a wide-range of applications in medicine and so far, it has been considered as the best material for production of implants used in human bodies, because human organism accepts it very well. Artificial heart valves, pacemakers, skin creams, pacifiers for children, syringe lubricants, etc. are all made from silicone. No medical professionals have expressed concern for patient's health, when silicone implants are used.


Nowadays, with highly efficient surgical techniques and high quality implants the correction of small, underdeveloped or asymmetrical breasts isn’t a wishful thinking any more. Today, breast augmentation is quite simple and safe operation, which aims at raising the quality of one’s lifestyle.


Although this operation is preformed regularly in our clinic, the professionalism of our surgical team headed by Dr Toncic makes us pay special attention to the preoperative preparation of our patient.
Therefore, before the surgery, our patient and surgeons meet for final preoperative consultation and medical examination. With the aim of achieving the best result possible, during the final preoperative examination, the surgeon makes a detailed and precise drawing on the patient’s breast. This is the point where Dr Toncic’s artistic experience and meticulousness are best shown. The drawing itself is an important orientation factor for the surgeon during the surgery, and as such it represents quite a big step on the way to the final success of the operation

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Breast augmentation