Chin liposuction

Chin liposuction - before and after the procedure

This is an aesthetic procedure that is regularly performed in our clinic, and the results we achieve are very successful. Chin liposuction is a procedure that is quite popular, regardless of the age, as we have many younger patients, as well as older, coming to our clinic for this procedure.
Chin liposuction is performed equally on men and on women, and the extent of the operation depends on the individual situation and appearance of the chin. Quite often, our patients are looking for a minimal chin correction, which gives a better shape of the neck and younger, fresher appearance. This procedure is also very efficient method at patients whose chin is quite noticeable. In such cases, we remove a larger amount of the fatty tissue, so the result of the operation is very noticeable, and the improvement is indeed significant.
This type of liposuction is performed in our clinic following the hydro liposuction principle, in order to extract the necessary amount of fatty tissue in a more precise, safe and easier way.
Chin liposuction procedure requires surgeon’s sense of proportion and shaping, as this operation is performed on a quite small and limited area, where even the slightest changes are very noticeable. The purpose of this procedure is to treat the chin and neck area as smoothly as possible, without leaving the uneven spots or ‘holes’.
For chin liposuction we only use extremely thin cannulae. This requires a very skilled cosmetic surgeon whose technique of using thin cannulae is flawless.
This procedure comprises 3-4 mm long incisions on each side, which are hidden by the back of the lower jaw, and one 3-4mm long incision right under the chin. The incisions are tactfully placed and made, so facial anatomical structures hide them, which make them unnoticeable after the operation.
Chin liposuction can be performed as a separate cosmetic surgery treatment, or combined with some other aesthetic procedures, especially with face lift, as in this combination, chin liposuction is an excellent additional method to make the neck look perfect.
Chin liposuction can be combined with other aesthetic surgery procedures, such as aesthetic nose correction, breast enlargement, etc.
Depending on the extent of the procedure, i.e. the amount of the fatty tissue, chin liposuction can be performed under enhanced local or general anesthesia.

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Chin liposuction