Female breast reduction


Correction of breast asymmetry - before and after the procedure

The ideal breast reduction operation would be the one that formed beautiful and youthful breasts with no scar. Until now this was difficult to achieve but significant research in the field of cosmetic surgery has brought us closer to meeting these two conditions.
The classic breast reduction surgery (using an inverted T incision technique) left ugly and very noticeable scars, which couldn’t be removed or corrected later on, leaving both surgeon and patient feel unsatisfied with the aesthetic aspects of the operation. Patients were destined to hide their breasts forever and could not wear low-cut dresses.
Putting enormous effort to enhance this operation and deal with the problem of the scars left after the surgery, Dr Toncic came across the method of so called small vertical incision ten years ago. This technique was popularized by Belgian surgeon Dr Lejour, and Dr Toncic was among the first surgeons worldwide, and definitely the first surgeon in Croatia, to start successfully and regularly using this method. After years of experience with this method, Dr Toncic has introduced some of his own improvements and modifications, thus remarkably enhancing the method.
Ten years after Dr Lejour published the breast reduction method; it has become a method of choice and the gold standard for female breast reduction.
Vertical breast reduction comprises a small vertical incision placed near the nipple and therefore not noticeable as it is on the areola (area of dark pigmentation). The vertical scar is below the nipple and is 5 to 9 cm long, depending on the size of breasts before the operation. The scar does not go over any natural breast crease and is hardly noticeable. Compared with the inverted T incision technique, vertical breast reduction improves breast projection and fullness. Beside breast reduction, this technique also enables breast uplift.
Technically, this operation is rather simple and it takes less time than classical methods. With this method we achieve permanent results. Because of all the advantages, Dr Toncic and his medical team prefer this technique and they often perform it in the clinic. The key advantages are the aesthetic effect, technical simplicity and reduced risk of complications.


Before the surgery, our patient and surgeons meet for final preoperative consultation and medical examination. In order to achieve the maximum symmetry between the breasts, during the final preoperative examination, the surgeon makes a detailed and precise drawing on the patient’s breast. This is the point where Dr Toncic’s artistic experience and meticulousness are best shown. The drawing itself is an important orientation factor for the surgeon during the surgery, and as such it represents quite a big step on the way to the final success of the operation.
Besides the innovations in surgical techniques, Dr Toncic mostly relies on his sense of shaping – especially in breast reduction and breast uplift surgeries.
Although this operation is a routine for our surgical team headed by Dr Toncic, our professionalism makes us pay special attention to the preoperative preparation of our patient.

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Female breast reduction