Forehead lift

Forehead lift - before and after the procedure

Forehead lift is performed either as an individual procedure or combined with the complete face lift operation. Whether the forehead lift will be performed individually or together with the face lift will be determined according to the ageing signs that might be present only on the forehead or on the whole face.
Both patient and surgeon discuss the patient’s situation and if the eyebrows are lowered or asymmetric, or if the forehead is wrinkled, they decide for the forehead lift.
Some people tend to have more frowns and furrows on the forehead than others. This gives a serious, sometimes worried look to the face. In such cases, face lift procedure wouldn’t be enough to create the rejuvenation effect. The ageing of upper and lower part of the face is not always balanced at some people. When in such cases, forehead appears much older than the rest of the face, the aesthetic surgeon and the patient will decide for the forehead lift.
Forehead lift is performed under enhanced local anaesthetic. Therefore, the procedure is painless and the patient is asleep during the operation. This procedure comprises lifting of the forehead skin. As a result, the furrows on the forehead are gone and the eyebrows are lifted. After the forehead lift, the rejuvenation effect is also visible in the expression of one’s eyes. The eyes appear more open and younger. The incision is usually made in the hair, which makes it invisible after the procedure. Some patients have rather high forehead, and then, we make the incision in the hairline.
Just like with full face lift, there are various cosmetic surgery procedures that can be combined with the forehead lift: lower eyelids correction, dermabrasio of upper and lower lip, mini lifting, full face lift, etc.

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Forehead lift