The outer and inner labia (lat. Labia minora) are the outer parts of the female reproductive organ and as such play an important role in a woman’s sex life and hygiene, as well as her everyday physical activities.
Overly developed vaginal lips may become a functional and aesthetic flaw. They demand a higher level of hygiene and can provoke irritation of the local area while playing sports or doing other physical activity.
Overly developed vaginal lips can be corrected with a smaller operative procedure- the so called LABIOPLASTY. The excessive skin of the vaginal lips is removed so that their shape and size can be adjusted to the area around them.
Labioplasty is a smaller surgical procedure of which the results can have a very big effect. This procedure, when in the hands of an experienced aesthetic surgeon, is not a big risk for the patient. During the preoperative preparation we take special attention to the patient’s wishes, so we can remove the optimal amount of skin and subdermal tissue to achieve the wanted result.
As well as for some other surgeries, this one too demands form the aesthetic surgeon a sense of proportion and shaping.
In our clinic for aesthetic surgery we use the radiosurgical method, because this technology allows us a precise surgical incision without damaging the surrounding tissue, the aesthetical effect is optimal and the recovery is quicker. After the recovery period, which lasts from ten days to two weeks, the vaginal lips are entirely compatible with the anatomy of the surrounding area and the patients no longer complain about local irritation, disorders in their sex life, hygiene, sports or other physical activities.


Although this operation is a routine procedure for Dr Toncic’s experienced surgical team, a professional approach demands of us to dedicate special attention to the preoperative preparation of the patient.
Prior to the labioplasty, the patient goes through a routine preoperative analysis, which comprises of a blood test and a consultation in our clinic.
We have another talk with the patient and a final pre- operative consultation and examination prior to the operative procedure.
To reduce the risk of possible complications to a minimum, we don’t recommend labioplasty to older patients, diabetics, patients who have high blood pressure or heart conditions. It is advisable that the patient is of a younger or middle age and in good medical condition.
Before labioplasty, patients need to stop with the usage of pain killers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, containing acetylsalicylic acid like Aspirin, Andol or Acisal, in case they usually take these. This is a very important factor in a patient’s preparation for surgical procedure, as this way we prevent possible bleeding and hematomas during and after the procedure. Following this instruction makes the recovery quicker and more successful, and the result of the operation is improved.



Apart from the experience of our surgical team and very precise and improved surgical techniques, a big part of the high success rate in Dr Toncic’s clinic is good organization and highly professional postoperative care. To be sure of the success of the operation and wellbeing of the patient, Dr Toncic and his team insist on regular check ups and everyday contact with the patient, so that the recovery period would be without any complications. For our patients’ safety, successful recovery and postoperative monitoring, we recommend optimal length of stay in Zagreb. This way, we leave nothing to chance. We monitor our patient’s recovery completely, which is crucial for our patient’s health and the result of the operation.
Postoperative recovery after this procedure is individual, usually lasting around ten days. After that the patient is capable to return to her everyday private and professional activities.

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