Male breast reduction


Male breast reduction - before and after the procedure

Male breasts can be significantly enlarged, which can present a serious aesthetic and psychological problems for the person affected. There are two main causes of enlarged male breasts.
Male breast enlargement is caused by benign growth of glandular tissue on male breasts, due to the presence of the female hormone estrogen in adolescent men.
The accumulation of fatty tissue on male breasts could also be the cause. Both types of accumulation result in gynecomastia - significantly enlarged male breasts or so called that look like female breasts.
Plastic surgery can solve both cases, whether it is the accumulation of glandular tissue or fatty tissue.
In case of the accumulated fatty tissue, we use liposuction, which is very efficient method to reduce the male breasts. In such cases, fatty tissue is removed using very fine cannulae, through a 5 mm long incision. This approach makes sure there are no scars left after the surgery.
If glandular tissue has grown, besides the fatty tissue which needs to be removed by liposuction, we also have to surgically remove the glandular tissue that causes the problem of enlarged male breasts. The surgical incision is performed on the very edge of the areola, and the glandular tissue is taken out through this small incision, which is totally unnoticeable once it heals.
If too big, male nipples can also be reduced during this operation.
Male breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia, administered by a top anaesthesiologist, medical doctor in our clinic.

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Male breast reduction