Small surgical procedures

Aesthetic surgery is a field of medicine that does not only include big aesthetic procedures carried out under general anesthesia or local anesthetic under sedation, it also includes small procedures on the face and body which are carried out under local anesthetic.
Mostly those are procedures with which we remove various outgrowths on the skin. The most common are warts, moles and atheromas or skin tumors with a low maligni degree, which need to be removed entirely so they wouldn’t grow back. It is crucial that those procedures are carried out by a qualified doctor because even with these smaller procedures, aesthetically unacceptable scars and hyperpigmentations are often left over and are hard to remove afterwards.
If there is a skin alteration which is suspected to be malignant, it has to be removed entirely, and the final assessment of the nature of the skin formation is given by the pathologist after a microscopic analysis. In our clinic these procedures are carried out with a classic surgical approach or with radiofrequency surgery.


In this case the skin alterations are removed surgically, which means they are being surgically cut out with an aesthetic approach, depending on the face, neck or body region. With this kind of procedure we try to achieve maximum aesthetic effect and make the scar invisible or barely noticeable.


Some skin alterations can be removed by the so called radiofrequency method. With this method we can remove skin alterations with the help of radio waves, which leave a very superficial and small wounded area that heals fast and without scarring. It is a very simple a quick method with which we can remove most skin tumors and achieve great aesthetic results.
The main motivation for our patients is removing the skin formations that have been a big psychological burden on most of them, especially now when they have the possibility of doing it in a painless, quick, aesthetically acceptable, financially approachable and not time consuming manner.

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Small surgical procedures