Vocal cords surgery and treatment


Voice centre in Cosmetic surgery clinic dr Toncic – Center for vocal cords surgery and treatment.
Voice communication is important in all spheres of life: business, emotional, educational, artistic and political. Therefore, sick voice significantly impairs communication.
The majority of our Voice centre patients are professional voice users: singers, actors, radio and television announcers, journalists, business people, managers, lawyers, politicians and others; basically, all those who put special voice and emotional efforts in their professional oral communication.
Intense and professional voice usage, frequently irregular, affects voice and often leads to phonotrauma: excess tissue or formation of scars on the vocal cords. Sick voice can be the first sign of some neurological diseases or tumours of some other parts of the body.
In Voice Center at Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic we use exclusive methods and cosmetic surgery skills for voice improvement and vocal cords regeneration:

  • injection of patient's own fat in thinned or paralytic vocal cords
  • application of hyaluronic acid in non-elastic vocal cords
  • application of Botox for spastic hoarseness
  • surgery of vocal nodules, polyps, vocal cord cysts, blood vessels and premalignant lesions

Hoarseness is a disease that can be noticed. Therefore, it should be used for early and exact diagnostics through methods which visualise vocal cords and their function. After that, we decide the type of the treatment necessary – conservative or phonosurgical.  Beside hoarseness, all unpleasant sensations in one’s throat require specialist examination. Vocal cords damage can detected, which is followed by vocal cords recovery planning.

Therefore, in the Voice center of Cosmetic surgery clinic dr. Toncic we perform:

  • diagnostics of hoarseness causes
  • therapy planning
  • phonosurgical procedures
  • postoperative follow up of the patients after surgery
  • Phonosurgical procedures:

The basic principle of phonosurgical procedures is a precise removal of excess tissue, while we aim to spare valuable functional tissue as much as possible. We exclusively perform phonosurgcical procedures of vocal cord tissue regeneration and also, to vocal cords we apply hyaluronic acid, collagen and patient's own fat cells extracted via liposuction and then processed.
We also use combined procedure of excess tissue removal and regenerating procedures, as often both is necessary.
Beside voice regeneration, we also remove excess tissue on vocal cords – knots, polyps, leukoplakia, cysts and risky premalignant lesions.
The vocal cord recovery after the procedure is individual and depends on the type of the procedure and anatomical characteristics of the patient and his or her specific conditions. The patient stays at the clinic for approximately 12 hours, when the patient is sent to home care. Sometimes, the patients stay at the clinic overnight and the following morning, after the medical check-up, the patient is discharged from the hospital. Following the procedure, the surgeon advises the patient to rest the voice, to ensure the best vocal cord recovery, and after few days the patient can start using voice carefully, and be present for regular check-ups at the clinic.
In Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic, the procedures on vocal cords are performed by an expert for vocal cords diseases and their treatment, prof.dr.sc. Santa Vecerina Volic.

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Vocal cords surgery and treatment