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Not so long ago, people considered a rounded female body a symbol of sexuality. Today’s ideal of beauty is a youthful, thin shape, while the natural, rounded feminine parts might be viewed as flaws and imperfections in the overall appearance.

The superficial layer of fatty tissue can be slightly thinned by various cosmetic and physical treatments (massages, physical training, etc.). However, layers of real fat tissue in form of hard fatty pads cannot be removed this way. The only solution to this problem is liposuction. This procedure is used to permanently remove the cellulite – fatty cells and their deposits, from certain areas of the body.

Larger clusters of subcutaneous fatty tissue – cellulite – with its orange peel appearance deteriorate the appearance of the skin. The cellulite usually accumulates in the areas of chin, upper arm, waist line, lower part of the abdomen, thighs, and inside area of the knees.


Besides the efficient volume and fatty tissue reduction from the problematic areas, liposuction can be used for body shaping. This procedure comprises micro instruments which enable the precise body contouring.

Therefore, applying this method and using fine cannulae and very precise technique, we can reshape even straight, column-like legs in the lower part (above the ankle), which was inconceivable before.

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    I did quite a bit of research but I chose to come to Croatia as opposed to the UK not only because of the price but because of the quality of the surgeons. I googled “Best surgeons in Europe” and dr. Tončić came up and I looked on the website of the clinic and did a bit of research as well, looked at the pro’s and con’s and the aftercare I would be provided, as opposed to that in the UK, was far superior. The process has been really smooth and easy, everyone’s been very helpful and I’d recommend it to anybody!

Liposuction of the stomach - before and after the procedure

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LIPOSUCTION AND body shaping

The distribution of fat tissue on our body is determined by two factors: hereditary (genetic factor) and our diet (nutritional factor). GENETIC FACTOR determines the location and number of fatty cells that will develop during puberty. After puberty the number and distribution of cells are finalized. The size of the cells is determined by the NUTRITIONAL FACTOR.

Fat people have large and swollen cells while slim people have smaller ones. If a person has a lot of fat cells on his / her thighs and a less on his/ her breasts, then that person is always going to have fat thighs. We can often see slim women with fat pads on certain areas of their body. The removal of cellulite by liposuction is particularly successful on people who are not too fat.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure by which cellulite is selectively removed from the parts of the body where it has accumulated. A narrow tube (cannula) is inserted into a small incision in the skin (0.5cm) and used to remove the fatty layer by vacuum. This way, fatty cells are permanently removed from the area.

HYDROLIPOSUCTION is a method of liposuction that is considered to be the most successful and efficient. It comprises the injection of a pH saline containing capillary contraction agents into the operation area. This enables the extraction of a larger amount of pure cellulite and less suction of blood.

Very often, men and women are looking for liposuction to remove the double chin or ‘love handles’ or the fatty tissue from the abdomen and waist line.

The most popular areas that are treated with liposuction among women are the inner and outer sides of the thighs and knees.


Dr Toncic has been regularly and successfully performing liposuction for 15 years now, and based on his experience, he says it is a very efficient body shaping method.

Beside his experience, Dr Tonic’s artistic sense of shaping is highly influential for the liposuction procedure. Thanks to these qualities, the percentage of satisfied liposuction patients is exceptionally high.

Also, we put a lot of emphasis on removing the fatty tissue evenly, to prevent possible uneven spots and holes, which we have seen in patients treated in some other clinics.


Prior to the liposuction, the patient goes through a routine preoperative analysis, which comprises the internal specialist examination with ECG and a blood test analysis.

We have a special arrangement with our foreign patients. Prior to the operation and preoperative examination, we hold consultation through emails, photos and by phone. This way, our surgeons get a deeper insight into the individual case, according to which they can estimate whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the desired operation.

This procedure allows our patient to come to Zagreb for the operation one time only. When our patient arrives, we hold final preoperative consultation and medical examination (including blood test and internal specialist examination with ECG), where we discuss the details of the operation together with the patient. After the consultation, we perform the surgery.

Before the surgery, our patient and surgeons meet for final preoperative consultation and medical examination. With the aim of achieving the best result possible, during the final preoperative examination, the surgeon makes a detailed and precise drawing. This is the point where Dr Toncic’s artistic experience and perfectionism are best shown. The drawing itself is an important orientation factor for the surgeon during the surgery, and as such it represents quite a big step on the way to the final success of the operation.

Before the operation, in our correspondence and detailed conversation, we instruct our patients to discontinue painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, containing acetylsalicylic acid like Aspirin, Andol or Acisal.

This is very important factor in patient’s preparation for the surgery, as this way we prevent possible bleeding and haematoma during and after the procedure. Following this instruction makes the recovery quicker and more successful, and the result of the operation is improved.


Great success of the operations in Dr Toncic’s clinic is largely due not only to the experience of our surgical team, their precise and enhanced techniques, but also to well organized professional postoperative care.

To be sure of the success of the operation and wellbeing of the patient, Dr Toncic and his team insist on regular check ups and everyday contact with the patient. For our patients’ safety, successful recovery and postoperative monitoring, we recommend optimal length of stay in Zagreb. This way, we leave nothing to chance. We monitor our patient’s recovery completely, which is crucial for our patient’s health and the result of the operation.

Postoperative recovery after liposuction is individual, usually lasting 5 to 7 days after the operation. The stitches are removed 7 days after the surgery, after which, our patients can resume their personal and professional activities. However, the patient should avoid hard physical activities and lifting heavy objects for 14 days after the operation.

Today's procedures require the patient to wear special compressive clothes (various corsets/ braces) on the treated areas after the surgery. They are very important for the result of the liposuction, because they make the skin stick to the tissue as close as possible, and the effect of the operation is thus enhanced. The elastic garments are worn for 6 weeks after surgery.

As early as 7 days after the operation a massage is recommended to assist fluid drainage and better blood circulation because this helps with the reduction of swelling.

Very important factor in the postoperative recovery after liposuction surgery is for smokers to stop smoking at least a week before the operation and in the week after the operation.







Treatments that require additional photos such as:

  • nostrils correction (alaroplasty) – photo of the face from below, to see the nostrils and tip
  • correction of spaced ears (otoplasty) – photo of the back of the head with tied hair, to see the ears
  • upper arm correction (brachioplasty) – photo of upper body with arms raised and bent at the elbows
  • excess skin in the abdominal region (abdominoplasty) – photo of the abdominal profile from the profile when the body is slightly inclined


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