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KristijanAfter rhinoplasty performed by dr Rajko Toncic - I am finally satisfied with my nose!

Few years ago I had an accident and I hurt my nose. As a result, my nose was asymmetrical with a bump on the bony part. I started thinking about cosmetic nose surgery.

I chose to have my surgery done at Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Toncic and I know this was the best decision because Dr Toncic and his team were extremely professional and caring throughout my procedure.

The result of my nose surgery was the main preoccupation for me, just as it is for every patient undergoing cosmetic surgery. I spent one week after the surgery at home, and on the seventh day my splint was removed – I was thrilled with the result!

My nose looked as if there had been nothing wrong with it. For a month after the surgery I kept looking myself in the mirror and I found it hard to believe that my nose was finally straight.

I am finally happy with the look of my nose!

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